Frequently Asked Questions

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Where should I store the sauces?

All sauces and paste are made with fresh ingredients, no additives or preservatives. It is best to refrigerate them after opening.

How long before Ann-Marie's hot sauce and jerk marinades go off?

Ann-Marie's hot sauce and jerk marinades will last over a year when stored in the refrigerator.

What foods go best with the hot sauce?

Ann-Marie's Jamaican line of sauces are very versatile. They're not just for seasoning meats , seafood, and fish. They are also great to rub on vegetables for grilling, to flavour pastas, rice, sauces and dips. Ann-Marie's Jamaican Jerk Sauce can even be used as a spread for making sandwiches. Do not limit yourself, let your imagination fly!

Tip: Make a great dip with two parts of your favourite jam and one-part Ann-Marie’s Jamaican Hot Sauce and mix! It is a great dip for homemade chicken fingers, crab cakes, samosas, corn fritters, schnitzels…

Is there a meat I should NOT marinate with the jerk sauce or paste?

We can't think of one. So, again, let your imagination fly!

Shipping & Returns

Is there a minimum order?

Yes! Minimum purchase is $26.00, before tax, on orders for delivery.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes! To cancel your order, please contact us ASAP at Be sure to include the order number and your full name in the email. If your order has NOT been shipped, we are happy to cancel it and provide a full refund. However, if your
order has already been shipped, we are sorry but it is too late to cancel.

How can I return an item?

Given nature of our products (food), we are unable to accept returns. However, we are happy to issue a refund for inedible and/or severely damaged items. Photo proof of defective or damaged item is required.

How much is shipping / delivery?

Depending on your location, delivery charges will vary. 

Where does MC’s Food Shoppe ship?

We ship across Canada.

Can I pick-up my order in person?

YES! If you are in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) you may pick-up your order in person.

Pick-ups are on Tuesdays between 12:00 & 3:00 PM. Please email us at if you cannot make it and would like to pick-up the following Tuesday instead.

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