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with Ann-Marie - Owner of MC's Experience.

Welcome to MC’s(pronounced mix)Food Shoppe, by MC's Experience Services. MC's Food Shoppe is where you can satisfy your need for flavour!

I am a former party planner, who loves to cook and celebrate human interactions. Bringing people together for the enjoyment of food and conversation is one of my favourite things to do. That was my jam for several years, and then came COVID, which pretty much ended my party planning venture. That said, the pandemic did allow me to make a lateral shift, creating my own line of food products.

Now that I have made the permanent shift to food production, I feel lucky that I can continue to share my love of celebrating through food and that you have the opportunity to experience my handmade hot sauce and jerk marinades - Ann-Marie's Jamaican Hot Sauce, Jerk Sauce, and Jerk Paste.

My sauces are of high quality, made with love and without gluten from fresh ingredients, and free of unnatural preservatives and additives. Get Saucy and give them a try! Looking forward to connecting with my fellow flavour hounds!

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